Our Franciscan family

Our mission is bigger than us

We are not alone in our mission to spread God’s goodwill and are proud to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in St. Francis.

Meet the Poor Clares

St. Clare of Assisi was the first Franciscan woman, she founded the Order of St. Clare in 1212. Today, the Poor Clares — cloistered, contemplative nuns — support communities through prayer and the work of their hands.

Get to know Secular Franciscans

Secular Franciscans are laypeople who share a deep devotion to the values of St. Francis of Assisi and seek to follow his example. Anyone — married or single, laity or clergy — can become a Secular Franciscan, provided they are a practicing Catholic and over 18 years old. There are hundreds of local fraternities of Secular Franciscans in the United States.

Support our community

Share your gifts with the world; whether financial support, prayerful devotions or volunteering, there are countless ways to get involved and share in our mission.